My dream girl would have red hair. She was the one that had the lightest hair. It wasn’t a special dream girl though. My dear sister had the lightest hair and I was the one that looked the closest to her in shape, so I was the one to come up with this dream girl. We all thought the same. In the first week of having this dream girl though, I didn’t think she was any good. She was pretty average-looking for a girl and I couldn’t believe it. The other members said that I made them harden up and that I made them regret what they did. All they had to say about that was, ‘Nah, there’s no way you did that. Everyone had a dream girl who was the lightest hair and you didn’t want to fulfill theirs, right?’ So I was actually kind of a weakling, so I was really disappointed by her.But she’s turned out to be good now. She’s more than good now. They call her the lightest girl in the world and she’s used her weight as a weapon. She’s been a bit fierce lately, I guess, even though she’s strong.Before we did our first date, I kept telling my fans, ‘Please do your best. You really have to fight for me. I will be so happy.’ She came to my house and we went to the gym together. I told her I’d do my best if she wanted me to and she told me, ‘That’s what you have to do. If you want to be happy, you have to put forth your best effort.’It seems like she’s starting to look like a person. It looks like she’s starting to use her weight as a weapon, too. I think that she was so happy that I was smiling, so she really looked out for me.Before getting into the point, I have to say something about our second date. When I realized we were doing really well, I told her I was jealous. When she gave me that happy look, she was already dressed up for the date. She knew that I wanted to go out on a date on that day, but even then, she still surprised me with all those good things.When I realized how well our second date went, I thought it was a great performance.I love women’s magazines. They’re really nice when it comes to giving off good vibes. I was giving off a pretty good vibe so she went up to me after that and said, ‘It seems like you’re having a good time too. Let’s go make a date with your friends.’ Now, we really aren’t. I don’t really want to. Before, I loved that I could have a lot of fun and had so many options. Now, I’m just looking for that one person. It’s too difficult for me to find a date now.<|endoftext|>This weekend the first chapters of, the newest book by Niklas Kåre Davila, are appearing in print for the first time. I’m glad to see that I could help to ensure the publication of the book, and that I managed to finally get the courage to write about the work of one of my favourite authors. And, as usual, I had to weigh up many factors before I decided to publish about the events of September 2010, when I stayed in the Congo for eight weeks, and a book is something that I consider so special that I would give up at least three days of my life and it would mean much to me and to those I was about to meet that I would have to spend several more weeks in the Congo.

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