rawdownloadcloneembedreportprint text 8.30 KB The MechWarrior® Online™ Clan Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace that allows Clans, players and services to do business together, free of charge. It’s what’s known as a “Free to Play” community. However, it has some features that some players may find enticing. Commonly available Clan Badges – By obtaining specific badges, players can unlock a variety of in-game rewards, including clan member ranks and Clan Badges which will be shown on an individual Clan’s profile when appropriate. The unlock process varies between all badges, but will be explained here. Legacy Badges – Legacy Badges, the result of two games having exactly the same core “Mech” and an exact same Clan logo, are a way for players to look forward and experience what those great MechWarriors of the past had. Since the launch of the first game, any and all MechWarriors who had at least one registered BattleMech in both MWO and the MechWarrior® 4: Mercenaries® were guaranteed one of these badges. What are they? The ‘Mechs do have something to them, and there’s a unique playstyle to be had with these classic machines. The age of being “old school” in the MechWarrior® series can still be experienced today, when you can’t even hope to get a MechLab or very good lighting systems. Check out a tutorial here! Clan Leader Boards – Clan Leader Boards are a great way for Clans to connect and exchange their latest strategies, gameplay data, and clan news. When Clan members want to link up with other Clans to provide training or some sort of “Horde” aspect to their Clan, they can become a ‘Member’ of a Clan and start the link up process. Alternatively, they can do it through the Clan Leader Boards. General Clans – This section will be updated as and when changes are made, and here you’ll find the home of all of the others. For now, you can access a bunch of information here, like Clan-specific purchase tiers, the status of Guilds, and the latest Clan News. You can also find a community hub here where you can download for free a ton of visual, and text assets. Clan Weapons – Clans are allowed to create their own weapons, the MWO equivalent of Roleplay Items, within their currency. In fact, the Clan acquisition system is directly tied to Clan Currency, not Player Funds. Other Services – Like the Guilds section, this section will be updated as and when changes are made, and here you’ll find some very neat stuff. Factions – A section has been added to link you to all the Clan member-created Factions with some very nice infographics. Clan-Specific Purchasing Tiers – This section is not yet being used to show you the best Master-of-Crafting Tiers or for discussing Clan-specific items. Access these when interested in the pricing of Clan Clan items, but not at the moment. Clan Tournaments – (Tournament system status at time of writing) – Rules (link to Rules section) – Discussion – Regulations – Tracker – Community Unread Threads – (A handful of News Threads have been consolidated here) You can view more here. The other areas of Clan Marketplace are mostly under construction. Here’s what I currently know about them: Translations – Unfortunately, translations are yet to be implemented, but will hopefully be in the future. New Marketplace Sections – Unlike with the player store, pricing in the Clan Marketplace is decided by the buyer alone. Clans can offer various “cost-benefit analysis” for the individual products and services that are offered for sale, with a focus on the buying community. Communication and Progression – More information about this will be available at a later date, but mostly what you can expect at the moment is some very good communication between players. Market Economics and Competition – There are only two people involved in all the above: the buyer and the seller. The buyer has the final say on what items are “worth” and can also do a price comparison against other buyers. Finally, there is competition in the market, with sellers competing with each other in a bid to outdo the other with the highest prices. Clan Sponsorships – Like these other sections, this is going to be updated as and when information is released. Retail Formatting – One of the very first items to be implemented was the Retail Formatting – This section is the forum for getting feedback from other players and for giving

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