Right back is about the ability to read the game, position yourself intelligently on the pitch and read your opponents. Strong formers on their feet can be instrumental to the creativity and attacking potential of a side, because they can read their opponents and find the right spaces to attack. However, like right wingers, defenders must be able to read the game and position themselves intelligently to stop opposing play from flowing. Most teams fight high up the pitch and will sit back to take the ball from the opposition and return it to their own goal. The advantage of a defender is that he is able to get a foot on the ball and help create a chance in the opposition half, and no attack is too good for a defender who has strong running ability. He can rush out to tackle opponents from far away and move to set up a break. Defensive Block Defensive block is very different to our traditional type of defence. The main objective of defensive block is to protect the defensive block of the team, preventing the attacking team from scoring. This prevents the offence from creating chances from 1 v 1 situations and in combination with maintaining the possession of the ball by pressing the opposition in order to make them lose it. There is a tactical reason for this however. The offensive team has the ball and the goal is from the attacking team. Even if the offense is winning the ball back, if they cannot start a attack they will not score. Only if the defensive team is adequately prepared to push up when needed and does not play the long ball will the offensive team become ineffective. The key words in this tactic are well prepared and pressed high up the pitch. In between press the goal will be a standard football pitch with several meters of horizontal space. Be careful not to let the ball get out of control through mishandling

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