] Stunning Teammate Preparation For every football game there must be an undoubted ‘star’ performer. In South America a legendary goalkeeper is a woman called Jessica Forquer. She is said to have made 1393 saves in a 7 year period! She never saw any loss of concentration despite the opportunity to score and yet never again scored a goal. Later by chance there was a man called Albert Watson who played a huge part in the history of West Ham. Watson had a superb left foot, but one that required an incredible amount of skill to execute it perfectly. When he arrived in London he was not able to even play in the league so he was constantly assessed by his goalkeeper. Watson was placed in a similar predicament when he joined United. As it so happened Watson was a very strong left footer, but when it came to mastering the timing of his ball he was very poor. Whilst this doesn’t prove that he couldn’t score the ball he was clearly not good enough for the first team. This anecdote is yet another type of ‘circumstances’ that can inspire a great keeper. There must be extraordinary character in a great goalkeeper and a legend of the game must also be a great motivator. Click here to learn more… Excellence at It On the field of play, it is the best players who drive the best teams to the best results. There are 4 qualities of players that a great defender should possess; Bravery, Commitment, Technique and Teamwork. A great defender must possess these attributes but need to work on them. It is not about having incredible concentration or some amazing reflexes. This is about being a solid and disciplined defender who will always play with determination and defensive discipline. A player who has these qualities is a player who will be very dangerous when playing on the edge of his area. He will make the defensive errors and not take advantage of those that have been made.

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