Beginning at 2nd level, a character with this ability can attach one or more of her limbs to the floating cymbals or drums (a pair of 10-foot-diameter cymbals or a pair of 2-foot-diameter drums). If she does so, her hands do not disappear or change locations while on the cymbals or drums. The detached limb can move up to 10 feet, and the detached limb moves with the attached limb, but its weight must be borne by the attached limb. Once all detached limbs are attached, the character can move them one additional time each round. A cymbal or drum with the fully functioning Raven Sheath ability has the following advantages: A character with the Weapon Finesse feat cannot attempt a disarm or sunder combat maneuver check against the cymbal or drum she is attaching to. A character with the Pick Pocket feat can attune one finger on the cymbal or drum to the adjacent belt or pockets.

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