This is the second serious incident of cross-border violence in the state this month, after four civilians, including a woman, were lynched in Dewas district. We want the police to do its bit so that the women of the Northeast don’t feel unsafe in the state. But the authorities are not doing much about this, which is why such incidents have come to the fore, said an official.<|endoftext|>Apr 25, 2018 – Cole-guts becomes one of the simplest breeds. There are two of these. One of them is the Latham Cole-gut which is a 3-Cutt Mutt . This is the smallest of the three breeds, with the length of an average adult being about 35-40 inches. … The other is the Latham Cole-gut but is much larger, being an average 30-35 inches long.<|endoftext|>REAL HEADLESS KITTENS

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